Thankful…. and Tired….

As we enter upon another Canadian long weekend… (I LOVE this country for so many reasons)

I am thankful for:

My Friend Diana that has supported me since August 16th (my Momma’s birthday) …I have to giggle as where the “buttocks” measurement is in my “binder” (she’s so mean!), my entry was: “Becky, look at her butt!!”… Old school I know– but funny as hell!

I am thankful for:

My eldest daughter- she has found her roots and wings and is going to spend the long weekend with a lovely family that treats her like their own.

I am thankful for:

Having bloodwork yesterday and not getting a call back right away for…more meds, a transfusion.. (please, no call tomorrow…please).

I am thankful for:

My Daddio. He wasn’t a good husband or Dad once upon a time, but he is a goddam AMAZING one now. Forgiveness always. (and he shops at Costco).

I am thankful for:

My youngest daughter- she so fiercely looks forward to family long weekends and reminds me of all the memories I have forgotten in my tired, travelling Momma mind. Little lovey.

In this short post, I have found 5 things to be thankful for… do the lessens the load …a lot…

So…For this weekend… Relax, Enjoy…

Happy Thanksgiving…..

I don’t honestly give a flying fuck about homemade vs. store bought… sit down vs. eat on your lap. We all do things a different way.


Make sure the effin turkey is cooked.

I have had salmonella and it was NOT a Happy Thanksgiving.

Yours always, but so tired ….my eyes are burning….


P.S. Wait! I just thought of a 6th thing to be thankful for- my friend Teresa may be sleepless this evening and need some reading material!

It goes something like this: Teresa: Imagine, my love… you live on a farm with all these amazing animals, and daughters…and you drive farm equipment, and take time out of each day to make sure others feel appreciated… and well, simply rock it…  many of us would not even be brave enough to try to do what you do in a day!! (what does a donkey even eat?!). I am thankful to you for reading all of my random posts, and admire your energy every day. Sleep tight.

I’m BACK.. and so is my DISHWASHER!

Please tell me someone else texted this to their family today: “Hey Fam- I will have a client here today when you arrive home from school/work—After you have a snack (aka, a full meal right before dinner), PLEASE take your dirty dishes and put them in the cardboard box in the mudroom so the house looks neat. And DON’T let the dogs out of the mudroom. PLEASE. Pointy, slobbery dog noses on business women’s outfit isn’t a popular fall fashion trend….BTW, has anyone heard the state of our dishwasher? Any calls? The parts were ordered months ago (okay weeks). I feel like a piece of me is missing.”

That text being said…well, it’s been a trying time. We are very much a “please use every glass every time you need a fresh sip” family (guilty). BUT- I can’t wash or dry one more GD dish. Like- it is a worse feeling then when I am HANGRY.

Hangry Andrea kindly reminded Sargey to check the status of the dishwasher parts (new dishwasher $1000, parts $183. Decision made).

They didn’t order them. The company didn’t order them. It’s been two weeks.

It was a fine line for my fragile state.

After the meeting with my client today, I went to retrieve the aforementioned cardboard box of dirty dishes and opened the mudroom door..oh and the dogs.. they are always available –with their sheer excitement and stupidity– knocked the box flying across the room.

And then they SAT on it.

I heard glass shatter.

I carried my sad state of affairs (dishes) into the kitchen..head hung low.. I sighed loudly.

No one was around. So I sighed louder. Yup, still no one.

Other than the dogs.

Just then my “partner in dishwashing crime” arrived home (I am being sarcastic when I say that..) and offered to wash the dishes…? WTF. He really does love me!

And I turned around… and there he was…

My Knight in Shining Armour.

Mr. Box of Dishwasher Parts.

And Chris was standing there with a drill too. (LOVE that boy (so cute)- he will have sandwiches and beer served to him for LIFE).

As I sit and write now, I listen to the sweet hum of all the dishes being washed for real (I don’t trust hand washing)…Every dish in this house will probably go into that dishwasher…

I may even snuggle with it tonight. Although I have heard stainless steel is cold. (and a total bitch to clean.. I KNOW that).

Hope that made you all smile. Or kiss your dishwasher. Hopefully both.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…today one of my best friends daughter’s, Kailey was given her 4 year CLEAR from Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I used to write to both of these lovely ladies. (On Missy’s website: and also to her Momma’s heart to keep her updated on all of the People magazine gossip and keep her going through treatments).

Trista’s first words tonight when she walked in were “Kailey is all clear…again”

Wise kiddos we have. Caring and thoughtful too. Perhaps a bit spoiled. I will take it.

I will buy you kiddos a dishwasher for your wedding gift.

Hell, you can even tattoo the word “dishwasher” on yourselves (please let a Virtual Assistant research reputable tattoo artists, husbands and dishwashers).

Forever grateful for Paulette and Missy, dishwasher, Chris, Teghan and Trista.


Week 2 of 4- Freedom 38!-(Halfway there)

Yes, I am 2 months behind- I sure didn’t expect my new adventure to go the way it has been going!

March 9th:

The best laid plans…I had planned to take the entire month of March off…but..well…I got a text from a friend of Hubby’s asking if I was interested in meeting to take on some work. Hey, I made it till March 9th! Not too bad at all. We arranged for coffee on a Monday afternoon to see how I could help him with his workload. I knew we would work together just fine when about 7 minutes before we were supposed to meet, I received a text: “Wanna meet for a beer instead of a coffee?” Sold. And so today’s adventure was meeting a businessman in the middle of a Monday afternoon to learn about his trade and drink some beer. Personally, I think it was his plan all along to ply me with beer before he pulled out a giant stack of work from under the table.

Cheers to that!


*This is a real life photo- just not specifically of the day I am referencing. (It’s not appropriate to take photos drinking beer with one of your new bosses the first meeting!)

March 10th:


There are no words.

Soooo going through the car wash is a longtime love of mine. Like LOVE…it’s quiet and soapy and safe…SIGH. I still love it even after a few past “episodes”—hey, they have NOTHING on camera. Same as all employed folk, I was always fighting the after work lineups and the “out of order” signs during primetime. So, today (after yesterday’s beer glow wore off and I sorted the stack of paper and checked out a webinar on the software yesterday’s business man uses)… I went to the car wash in the middle of the day. And went through TWICE. Yup. That is all. And if I left no pink or blue suds for you, I am sorry…but it was my turn.

March 11th:

So….The Apple Store…YA… I feel frumpier walking in there than Le Chateau on a Saturday afternoon an hour before after-prom. But I did it….even though we departed with pagers and beepers and other devices that would alert us when to COME BACK to the store for our appointment- even though we were already there in the store. What the? Things that make you go Hmmm. So we hit Starbucks (I was a SB virgin until today!). Interestingly enough they spelt “Teghan” and “Trista” correctly on the cups, but I couldn’t figure out to how to get the damn water bottle out of the self-serve cabinet. Thank Gawd I have my own self-serve wine cabinet at home that has my name written all over it. I don’t care if it is spelt correctly.



March 12th:

Since I (thought I) was on a technology roll, today I tackled a few mysteries of the world: data plans on cell phones (yes, it is possible to stay on the line with Bell for 654 minutes TOTAL, even after they cut you off 5.6 times), Twitter webinars (after all, I am a Watt, I should know how to “Twatt-er”), a QuickBooks tutorial (thank you March 9th business man for trusting me. I promise I won’t let you down). It was a good day. So I went through the car wash again.


Two words: Bliss-Ful.

March 13th:

Today was the day I wanted to do a “ride along” with the Police. For real. Always has been a dream of mine. (Anyone? Anyone? Pick me! Pick me!). I figured after a few days of Netflix under my belt, watching Border Patrol and Cops (Bad GirlZ edition..sooo good…but sooooo bad)- I am fully qualified. However, I couldn’t even find the registration sheet on the Police interweb (there goes my confidence from yesterday’s technology lessons). Back to Netflix I go. But first I put on my Le Chateau Dress from 1991-well I TRIED too. Don’t judge.

I can’t wait to see what next week’s March “Freedom 38” brings.. Only two weeks left and then back to reality.

**SCENCES, SCENCES!!: Airplane rides (where my kiddos aren’t seated with me OR with each other —Oh do NOT poke the Momma Bear U.S. Airways), Pickle Ball and Immunizations! RIVETING Material).

Thanks for checking in with a left-handed, colon-less gal from Kville.

I hope all of your days are filled with adventures,


Shopping and BBQ-ing and Snowblowing..Oh My!

March 3rd– The Best Laid Plans…..and a Sick Kiddo..

Well I had everything planned to a T… After my barn chores yesterday, I was going to sleep in Tuesday morning, day # 2 of Freedom 38 and then do my ‘activity’. And so sleep in I did. Only to wake and see I had missed calls from the school, a kiddo and the Dadder of one sick kiddo. Mother Fail. The guilt of that one will stick around for awhile.

We never leave home without it..

We never leave home without it..

Off to the doctor we went. It was a novel concept being able to take the first appointment available as I wasn’t an hour commute away (does that make up for the fact that she sat in the school office not feeling well for about the same amount of time? Ugh). So today I tended to my sick kiddo. There is always tomorrow for a new adventure. Perhaps my adventure can be trying to teach her how to swallow a pill. Otherwise at this rate, I am going to have to invest in the blue raspberry liquid Advil manufacturers until she is 28.

March 4th– Got Snow? I Can Blow! (Snow).

No straight lines for this girl!

No straight lines for this girl!

I am an independent woman. I am (mostly). But a few thing scare me. The snow blower being one of them. And so, tonight …we blow some snow . There are clutches and gas and buttons on the beast…and it’s heavy. Much heavier than it looks. And let’s not forget OCD hubby pointing out that I am not navigating the snow covered driveway in precisely straight lines. I am pretty sure I saw my neighbour’s silhouette in his window too. He and CS were probably texting about my lack of angularity. I did a mediocre job- I admit it. I had to remind hubby that our rule has always been that we don’t shovel or snow blow in March- we call mercy and let Mother Nature take its course…so REALLY any snow blowing I was doing was-in fact- a BONUS. He didn’t quite see it the way I was, but I did notice he didn’t go out and redo it.  Like I said, I will try anything once. And that was once. And that sucked (hehe). And I am pretty sure my hand is still vviiibrratttinngg….

March 5th– BBQ Season?

Natural gas. What do you think of when you think of natural gas? KAAABOOOOM!! Right!? Me too. I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. Or it’s jumpy blue flame and odourless smell- that I can totally smell. So of course we have a natural gas bbq. Of course we do. And so tonight, I bbq. As I write this my eyebrows are not singed. I did not start a fire and run through the screen door to get the fire extinguisher leaving a perfect body outline (Classic CS, circa 2009). After figuring out the dials and burners—no sweat at all. I totally understand the bbq thing. I just stood out there and sipped my wine and flipped meat. No wonder CS has never let me in on this brilliant activity. So quiet and peaceful. The steak was perfection (I marinated the shit out of it all day so it was guaranteed not to dry out on me). When I came in the side dishes were (kinda) ready and the kitchen looked like a Kaboom went off in it. Dare I say the Fam had a new appreciation for what I do for their meals?



March 6th- So Pretty?

I can’t believe how fast the week has gone by. How did I even time to work before?? Today’s adventure is a manicure and pedicure. I know not crazy exciting, but neither is pushing a snow blower on a gravel driveway in the freaking freezing cold. Today is a relaxing adventure. I don’t do pedis. I have large feet..I believe my Fam refers to them as “Pontoons” and suggests just getting some ski wax to shine ‘em up. So this is big for me. The esthetician offered to come to my house- bonus! I loved getting my hands massaged and what could I do but apologize for my pontoons. Who knows what she said when she left the house? I gave her a little extra tip for my feet. She even said I didn’t have the longest toes she has ever seen. FIST PUMP!! (With pretty coloured nails to boot for Friday Rye-Day).

*I will spare you a photo here. I even Googled “world’s prettiest feet” and some really freaky shit came up. I am going to have nightmares tonight. Jeeessuuusss.

March 7th- Best Buy?

My first first brand new computer...excitement..

My first first brand new computer…excitement..

It’s dangerous, I know…but it is a necessary evil. Shopping. I need a computer now that I am not employed (um,  how  else am I supposed to gamble all day while watching Y&R?)– so off to Best Buy we go for today’s adventure. When I say “we”, I mean Chris and I. CS is a SHOPPER. A shopper who doesn’t look at prices (what are they?). So I have to focus on computer specs AND keep the boy on a leash. I went in knowing I wanted a Dell laptop. I glanced over once and saw CS playing with the remote control cars…not too bad. Suddenly I found myself at the Apple section…and the rest is history. The MAC gets delivered tomorrow. And so does the 65 inch TV. YUP, I lost him for SEVEN MINUTES AND HE BOUGHT A TV. Guess whose time allocated to be taken off work just decreased significantly? Off to job search….. On my new computer.

                  March 8th– The Office Prevails!

I am not a basement dweller at all. I have no interest in watching TV downstairs or using the treadmill (funny, same thing happened when it was upstairs). We have an office downstairs that I have never sat in the nearly 13 years we have been in this house. I have been begging to turn our formal dining room upstairs into my office and I had a darn good plan to make it work. CS NEEDS to have a formal dining room he claims—I guess for those 2 times a year we use it?? He finally considered (got sick of my droning on) and called in his “back up reinforcements” and general contractors, my Seeser Jenni and BIL Jack for their opinion and advice. They usually back him up. Not this time. It was truly a glorious moment. And so my adventure today was to paint the former burgundy dated dining room a modern silvery white. I did however get fired from painting before I even started (Fair enough-he reminded me I painted the hinges last time he let me paint). I think I sealed the firing when I commented that I really liked the colour of the paint. Apparently it was just the primer. Back to beer fetching and clean up duty I go. Sigh.

We call it the "priming and painting while pouting".

We call it the “priming and painting while pouting”.

Week 1 for this Adventurer is COMPLETE! I can’t wait to see what next week brings.



Freedom 38..and Barn Chores!

March 2nd- Barn Chores How does one spend their first day “off” in forever? Why not a new adventure? Let’s go see what all this barn chore fuss is about! 11017533_10155265945635716_1679718057857900608_n Task one of pursuing said adventure, getting up early. I signed up for “set-up”. This way I avoided having to be at the barn for 7 am breakfast and am told set- up has the least amount of human-horse contact. Yeah, most suitable for me (and Coach agrees). Set-up starts at 9 am. Hey, I am willing to try anything once. And yes, 9:08 a.m. is early. Never mind the damn bird or worm or any combination thereof. Today, I am a lover of horses!!! (Gulp… have you seen their chompers?..or their swift ability to kick anything clear that is in their way… I hear being run over is actually a concern. Look left, look right, look left and hold your breath.  Eeks). My Gals LOVE “The Barn”. The barn that has won my girls hearts is Adda’Go Equestrian; founded, owned and operated by Amanda Dunklin-Hamilton. A Mom of three who runs lessons, training and boards horses. I had to see for myself what this girls day really entailed as an entreprenuer, coach, trainer and mom.

 How hard can it be? … I packed the Dogs; MoMoney and George up and we arrived 6 minutes late for this new adventure- not a good start. I have seen this girl yell, at humans and horses. I also know she is a foodie! Luckily, I brought Coach Amanda scallop, lobster and mussel pasta with cream sauce for lunch (always thinking I am)… Crisis averted. It was so strange pulling into the barn with just Coach there.  I totally got what the “others” feel at the barn. So peaceful and beautiful. Usually there is a flurry of riders, dogs, horses, trailers and everyone trying to get Coach’s attention. But on this sunny, cool morning, it was just two tired (for totally different reasons) Momma’s about take on some ..shit.

How hard can it be? …My hands are already a little chilly…

There are 13 stalls at Adda’Go. All of the horses are out in the field in the morning- I believe this is called “turn out”. I wasn’t there for the terrifying event the evening before when all of the horses thunder out into the field being followed by a small human encouraging them along their way. I will not ever be that human. “Adventurers” have their limits.

The only two creatures in the facility were “Lil Bit” the mini-horse (about the same size as MoMoney and George and much better behaved) and “Donk”. I think that’s his name… He is literally a mini- donkey (I picture him talking in a kid- like Eddie Murphy voice)… Coach suspected leading Donk to his turn out would be plenty enough of an experience for me. She haltered him and handed me the end of the line. I am now responsible for one of the many creatures here at Adda’Go. Moment of reflection. Don’t make Coach yell at me. I told mini-donkey not to make any sudden ass movements. There isn’t room for two jackasses this morning. I managed to walk him outside without incident.

This isn’t too bad at all….Only a small sweat…

Next thing I know, Coach hands me a pitch fork (I sense she was LOVING this moment..just a feeling). Nope, not a pitch fork, a shit fork. Who knew?!! A tutorial ensued: Horse stalls really are like a giant hamster cages with everything on a bigger scale. Including the shit. Such a skill she has to make sure all learning is relatable. Like humans, there are messy ones and clean ones.  Flushers and non-flushers. Wipers and non-wipers. First, you scoop the ‘obvious’ into the wheelbarrow saving the wood shavings ($$$) you can.  Next you “bank” the stalls. So, you muscle up and throw the shavings on the interior wall of each stall (like egging a house..but it’s legal and it’s poop instead of eggs). All of the ‘matter’ comes to the front of the stall..then you go at ‘er again. Mojo assists in the stall cleaning. Swallowing a large portion of manure per stall. Most helpful he has been all week. Uh oh! Problem solving ensues. My fork is no longer flipping, sifting and banking as it should. There is something stuck in it? I ask Coach for assistance. Have I broken a beloved shit fork? Will she yell? No yelling. With a promise that what is stuck between the twines of my fork is not gold (damn), she showed me the technique of scraping the bottom of the fork against the wheel borrow until the not gold nugget shit ball released.

This isn’t too bad at all, Thank GAWD I brought Coach pasta.. Not too bad at all?? I am sweating,,,Time for a layer of clothing to come off…my hands aren’t feeling so cold anymore and I need water….. Where is Coach? Oh there she is – as chipper as ever chatting away and a good 3 stalls ahead of me. Really, how hard can it be? We will be finished up soon and I can get back online by 10 a.m…

Apparently once the wheelbarrow is full of aforementioned materials,  you have to take it OUTSIDE and dump it.  Coach basically pirouettes and floats on air taking it out. Backwards up a hill….GAWD, I love her. Back to banking. Few more stalls to go. Again, our wheel barrow of not gold is full. (Can’t fault a girl for trying). My turn to do the dumping…. And I huffed and I puffed and almost blew the barn down. We continued to chat away. I think Coach grinned as I was ankle deep in shit. Really, how hard can it be? And this is a great workout. I have broken a sweat. We must be almost done now… WAIT! Next we add wood shavings to stabilize the horses feet … not too bad! Now we do water? Right, right, I guess camels and horses aren’t the same thing.

OH MY GOOD GAWD THIS IS.. HARD. So we sorted the pails and filled them with water. (I totally pictured myself with a stick over my shoulders balancing the pails with a wee child in a sling on my front in balmy weather). But no it wasn’t really like that. It was just hard work. I feel strong in this moment…. and terribly unfit at the same time. Next we set up lunch hay in the stalls. Almost finished…? Oh crap, and then we sweep… I must compare sweeping to jogging. Or running, or jogging, with sprints, while carrying dumbells. We took turns. She swept right, I swept left. I knew being a leftie would be helpful at some point of this adventure. Last task, lunch (mmm, lunch) hay to horses outside. Out comes the pitch fork and to the hay I go. The horses are like humans. Some share. Some don’t. Not sure what their issue’s not like its chips and dip (mmm.. dill pickle dip). I strategically place the piles as per coach’s instruction. We check the water levels. They can make it until “turn-in”. Moment of thank the good GAWD as filling those tanks just sounded heavy.


Horses are happy, I had a great chats with Amanda… I went home and sat on the couch. Wait a minute here…she went back to the house to tend to 3 kids…and then back out for 3 p.m. chores. And then lessons… And oh yes, she is on “Holidays” WOW, Right….. Set-up really wasn’t too bad, I could feel at least the lower right side of my back…

not bad at all.

It wasn’t -30, all horses are healthy and where they were meant to be. A good day all round. And, I was even close enough to a horse to give it a scratch (Penny the dolly)…. She counts as a horse right? As I write this Mojo and Georgey are still in a slumber from all of the fresh air and excitement, except for when Mojo gets up to puke up his barn buffet. They are game to do it all again. March 2nd complete.

Thank you Amanda.

Yours in stepping into another business woman’s and Mom’s shoes for a sunny, morning at Adda’Go,

A very tired and happy Andrea xo (Like Clare? Hehe..xo)

And That’s A Wrap!

After a relatively anxiety free December, I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. It ALWAYS does. (Mind you, how could I possibly have anxiety when there was a trampoline IN our living room Christmas morning?? AND I tried it out after three mimosas! Wwwweeeeee). Trying to get off it was NOT a pretty sight, however.

In early January, I was told that my long time job position was being moved to head office in Mass, USA in 8 weeks. Not surprising–a very typical knowledge and/or talent transfer after an acquisition. Still– a kick to the old ego.

However, Onward and Upward.

Here's me out to lunch with my coworkers on my last day.. Tequila!

Here’s me out to lunch with my coworkers on my last day.. Tequila!

I have worked since I was 13 years old-and other than two short maternity leaves and two longer surgery leaves (buh buh colon.); I haven’t had a ‘break’, per se. It has taken the Fam a bit adapting to the idea that I will no longer be working long days… AND I will be HOME while I figure out my next career adventure. I think it frankly scares them. (Don’t let them fool you though; they have been eating like Royalty!)

My resume is ready; however I am going to take the month of March OFF. Yup. I know-I know- it sucks that it isn’t a summer month…but STILL– it gives me all the more reason to have Friends and Border Security marathons when the weather is crappy/lamb-ing/lion-ing.

I finally have the time to do a few things I always wanted to do or really should know HOW to do as a modern day, (former), working, independent career woman and (always) Mom. So March 2015 is it. One new thing each day.

So let’s get started, on one month of “Freedom 38”:

March 1st– Downhill Skiing

I had tried skiing at Tremblant (the mountain is 5 kms long….sigh) my very first time at age 35 with less than desirable results (broken wrist and concussion), so wanted to try at Pakenham- a much more bunny-hill-ish resort.

Sadly, once I mentioned skiing to my family they hit the slopes immediately and I got banished to the chalet. Their reasoning did make sense (I suppose), we have a family vacation coming up and they want me to remain injury free leading up to our departure date (even thought we are doing dangerous activities while there! That will likely be a different blog!). So I guess my “new thing” today  is sitting in a cozy ski chalet writing a blog, sipping red wine (shooter size servings with vintage size prices!) and people watching (I never knew ski gear was it’s own fashion..WOW..I feel very frumpy even in my sole ski sweater and ski boots- my GAWD my feet were hot by the end of the day, but I REALY wanted to look the part). The Fam had a great day, maybe next time for me.



Yours in unemployment and (trying to) embrace new adventures,

Andrea Nicole Sargeant, the left-handed, colonless, jobless (for March on purpose), Gal from Kemptville who isn’t commuting anymore and still hasn’t learned to downhill ski.

The Best Laid Plans…

I wrote the following blog entry about a year ago, but never posted it because work overtook my time. My how things can change in a year. And now I have to time to I’m back!!

The Best Laid Plans…

Last December amongst my seasonal anxiety, it was announced that the company I had worked for since the same month I graduated from University (with a wee baby, a big OSAP and the cutest boy under the sun), was acquired by a much bigger US company. What was the first thing that came to mind? Yup, mine too. There goes my career to my friends south of the border. I was what one may refer to as a ‘lifer’. Loyal. Perhaps doesn’t like change. Okay, I admitted it. I wanted to stay at my job forever. The best laid plans…
After the acquisition was announced, I had visions of all the things I would do in my “free time”:
-catch up on 167 years of photo albums
-dust the baseboards
-litter train the guina pigs
-bring the plants back to life
However, instead of receiving the ‘high tech exit package’, I was extended a’ Welcome Letter’. Welcome to? What the? The Best Laid Plans…
(Chris told me to work hard— thanks Sargey Pants. That got me far. And tired. So. Very. tired.)
So here I stand (sit, lean because I am so tired) 4 months later…working 12 hour days and having to travel… Are these the best laid plans?
I am rejuvenated learning new stuff. I have learned more acronyms than I could ever imagine. (MATICEI- I just made my own!) But I am tired. I miss making my kiddos dinner- even if it was the same thing over and over (acronym KD- Kraft Dinner). Really though, tacos and spaghetti get old week after week. We all remember those Sunday nights planning a different healthy menu that fades by Wednesday night pizza takeout. The best laid plans…
And so… I am at crossroads with this Mom/Work balance. I know my struggle isn’t different than any other working Momma. I have to work to contribute to the bills (cough…cough…boat). (And to pay for my wine -who’s kidding who here?). But where do I get my balance back? Where do I find those “best laid plans”? Heck, where do I find the time to get laid? (Just Kidding- JK: acronym!)
And to all you working Mommas, I SINCERELY admire you for finding the balance that works for you. I hope to find mine, and soon.

Yours Always- especially when there is a HUGE gap in my blog writing and I know you will still stick with me and read it,
Andrea Nicole Watt Sargeant- current work-a-holic, yet fading. Proud Mother Always. Nice Rack. And always, always hoping to bring JOY to your day. Even if 267 days have passed since I did. I am sorry. The best laid plans…